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Downtime Reduction

Try as hard as you’d like – it’s probably not realistic to say that you’ll ever be able to eliminate downtime across your operations 100% of the time. Manufacturing is absolutely one of those environments where Murphy’s Law applies, and sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.

But at the same time, you don’t need to ELIMINATE downtime entirely to remain competitive. You need to take actionable, meaningful steps to REDUCE it as much as possible. But you can’t get to that point unless you have total visibility into the heartbeat and output of your manufacturing lines at any given time… which is precisely what Thrive’s downtime tracking solution is designed to do.

If you had to sum up all of the benefits that Thrive brings with it in a single word, that word would undoubtedly be “context.” What you’re talking about is more than just another piece of software – you finally have the real-time production status information you need to know whether your lines are running, know how efficiently they’re performing, and most importantly understand the cause and length of any downtime even. All of this information is at your fingertips, all thanks to our clean, easy-to-use dashboard.

But in a larger sense, this gives you access to the information you need to make truly data-driven decisions – likely for the first time. By acting as a one-stop shop for all of your live and historical efficiency data, you can always lean on our state-of-the-art algorithm to prioritize downtime issues to help you maximize production.

The best part of all is that built-in reports offer reams of invaluable insight, giving you multiple ways to view your data given what you’re trying to accomplish in the moment. All of this combines to form the most important benefit of all: access to crystal clear guidance on how to reduce downtime all day, every day, no exceptions. It’s all presented by way of a system so straightforward that literally anyone could use it – no programming or computer science degree required. It just works, exactly the way it should.

So again – it’s not realistic to assume that there’s one “silver bullet” you can use to totally eliminate downtime 100% of the time. But then again, that’s not what savvy business owners like yourself are trying to do. What you need to do is capitalize on every opportunity to reduce downtime as soon as you’re able to do so, and Thrive’s downtime tracking solution was built from the ground up to help you accomplish precisely that.