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Measure Your Efficiency in Real Time

With Thrive, you’ll always know your production line efficiency. Our automated downtime tracking software measures production output and compares it against your line’s potential. With production run records, you can easily track shift efficiency or analyze trends by line.


How efficiently does your line produce each product? Load your potential machine output based on SKU or product, and Thrive’s software will automatically adjust the efficiency calculation.


Measure Your Efficiency in Real Time

Know Your Biggest Source of Downtime Now

Thrive tracks your line’s efficiency, as well as the cause, length and frequency of downtime events.  Use the built-in reports to see the biggest source of downtime, all in real time.


Seeing the cause of downtime events is just the first step. Thrive’s unique algorithm calculates the impact on uptime and production each downtime event would have if fixed. Prioritize equipment maintenance, equipment purchases and other action steps by the expected results. Thrive provides the insight you need to make true data-driven decisions.


Downtime total by percentage chart

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key performance indicator used in the manufacturing industry to determine the efficiency of its plant operation. Most companies are not aware of the full capacity of their manufacturing equipment. OEE allows you to measure and visualize your plant’s operational effectiveness, and create actionable steps to improve quality and production, save time, and eliminate waste.






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Partnership for Success

With Thrive, you’re never alone. Our team is here to help you analyze data and plan for improvements. Quarterly success meetings provide an opportunity to review progress, answer questions and identify.


DCS equipment performance chart

Print Your Performance Snapshot Anytime

See your equipment’s efficiency, leading downtime causes, historical performance and operator comments—all on one page, in any date range you choose. The performance snapshot is perfect for the morning meeting!


Review Your Historical Performance

Historical performance charts let you trend your equipment’s performance by days, weeks, months or even years. Identify overall equipment effectiveness improvements at-a-glance and watch the trend as you reduce downtime and increase efficiency.



Planned Downtimes

Planned downtime events are tracked separately, allowing you to set a goal time for each reason. If the event exceeds the goal time, the operator assigns a reason for the delay. Are all change overs happening at the same pace? Thrive provides insight that will help you analyze the change over process, standardize work and reduce change over time. Are break times ending on time? Seeing the data helps build a culture of ownership and accountability.

Identify Poor Performing Equipment

Print out a road map of equipment performance for your morning meeting, right from the Thrive dashboard. Provide your maintenance team with data and true direction about your most inefficient equipment and see exactly how taking action would impact production.

equipment performance stats table

Company – Wide Reporting

Thrive’s VP graphing tool allows you to see every location’s performance in a single report, so you can compare the plant as a whole and compare individual lines that produce the same product. Easily find plants that can accept more volume, as well as those that are underperforming. Use that data to allocate training funds, upgrade technology exactly where it’s needed, and implement standard work practices that will improve productivity.


"A few months after installing the Thrive Downtime Tracking System"

we identified several key issues with our manufacturing line. Once corrected, our efficiency sky rocketed from 39% to 75%.

- Pat Kinnee, Splenda Continuous Improvement Engineer

"We're currently running 8% better than our budgeted throughput standards, "

so I consider it a win. Now we’re in a position where our other plants are interested in implementing the software.

- Pete Szelwach, Plant Manager at Lassonde Pappas and Company, Inc.

"We've been using Thrive for about a year with impressive results. "

Changeovers that used to take 33 minutes now only take 23. With around two each day, that time really adds up. Before using the software, we were 20 minutes into our morning shift before lines started running, and we’ve cut it down to just 8 minutes. Overall efficiency has spiked from around 45% to an average of 60%. Seeing the data has really helped us create a culture of ownership and accountability. Everyone watches the measurements and does their best to make sure things are running efficiently, because they can see the impact. With the help of Thrive, we’ve had zero overtime during our busy season. That’s a company first! Now that we’re meeting production goals, we can be proactive and schedule time to take lines down for preventative maintenance.

- Rollie Everson, Maintenance Supervisor, Amsoil

"We were ready to pay $250,000 for a downtime system when by accident we stumbled across Thrive MES on the internet"

“Not only did it offer everything the more expensive system did but it is a fraction of the price. We were even able to customize to our facility far within our budget.”

”After 2 years I was still able to teach them a few big things about the software that they didn’t know about. A recent major success they had was they were able to reduce their downtime by 17 whole shifts per year by making a small tweak in a process. Instead of stopping a machine to make a fabric slice for 1 minute, they slowed the machine down to make the slice while the machine was moving. They also noticed how much downtime changeovers caused so their scheduled department reduced their changesovers from 6 to 1 per week.”

- Steve Kaiser, Operations Manager, Sage Products

"Within 2 weeks their automated machines saw an increased efficiency by 20%"

by giving the operator real-time visibility, they took more ownership and responsibility for the machine’s output. As a result, it made the operator think twice about shutting down the line. ‘Can I correct this issue without shutting the machine down?

- John Batten, President, NHI Pullies Inc

"We've been able to cut our overtime by 60%"

as we identified that our change overs were the main source of downtime. Using this data to determine and implement solutions we were able to move from 12 hours shifts to 8 hour shifts. It also helped us reduce our quality issues by identifying sources of inefficiency.

- Mark Hennigan, Director of Operations, CHG

"We are really happy with it and love the planned downtime function."

The planned downtime function immediately identified excessive breaks and created accountability for the line running. Management now has real-time data.

- Keith Frazier, Maintenance Supervisor, Skyline Steel

"The real-time data"

in our break rooms and on our supervisor’s computers have created a real sense of urgency and ownership to improve our plant’s performance. You can’t argue with a 50 inch TV in the break room that updates every second.

- Jerry McConnell, Lineage Logistics

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