Frequently Asked Questions

Is your process for getting up and running completely off-site?

Yes, the entire process is handled off-site. Our expert support team is available to speak and Skype with you if necessary. We also have helpful videos on our website under the support section. On-site installation can be provided for an additional fee.

Do you participate in developing the failure/reason codes?

Yes.  We also send you a brief tutorial on creating “actionable” reason codes.  Once created, these are uploaded directly to your interface.  We highly recommend taking your codes three levels deep to capture as much detail as possible.

Do you provide any software training for data input and use?

Yes.  Once the software is installed, we will schedule our training sessions.  This includes a short webinar training for management, maintenance and anyone else who will be involved with Thrive on how to navigate your administration page, dashboard and reviewing your data.  Your management team will then be responsible for training your operators.

Thrive’s business model is built upon monitoring subscription fees. How long is the contract for this subscription?

As noted in the sales agreement, this is a 24 month contract that can be terminated after 6 months.

If the monitoring subscription is cancelled after 6 months do you still help with software updates and service issues?

If monthly monitoring is canceled, you will no longer have access to the software updates or assistance with service issues.

What “off the shelf” real time machine monitoring solutions do you offer?

Thrive offers the following “off the shelf” solutions:

  • Interface with our equipment to automatically collect OEE related data
  • Support input reasons for downtime / other relevant operator feedback
  • Collect / Store data
  • Summarize and present data on an easy to follow dashboard (real-time and historic)
  • Support reports / queries / ‘data dump’ (i.e. CSV format) for offline analysis
  • Accessible from anywhere including mobile devices (we are a global organization)
  • Email alerts with escalation capability based on machine performance
  • Interface with our equipment to automatically collect OEE related data


Do you collect and store data?

Yes. Thrive collects and stores both real-time and historic data. We back up this data with Microsoft and secondly through a server in Canada.


Do you support reports and queries for offline analysis?

Yes, your data will be exported to Microsoft Excel at your convenience.

Is my data accessible remotely and can I use a mobile device?

Yes, you will have access to your account from anywhere with internet accessibility.  You may navigate your dashboard, review data, assign reason codes and receive customized text alerts from anywhere in the world. ​

Will I receive email alerts with escalation capability based on machine performance?

Yes, you can sign yourself and your team up for automated text and/or email alerts.  For example you can set customized threshold times for your maintenance team.  If the condition is not resolved in a set amount of time, additional emails and/or texts can be sent to upper management to increase the visibility of the situation. We also send a “daily digest” email either by shift or end of day reporting for review of the prior 24 hours’ performance.  

What specific protocols are you best suited for?

We offer customized services that meet the needs of the individual customer, but we generally focus on the following protocols: 

  • Downtime
  • Real time/up time efficiency
  • OEE
  • Augmenting and supplementing maintenance departments.
  • Identifying ​failings ​with​in the manufacturing process

What software training instructions are available to use for initial and ongoing employee training?

Once the installation is complete we will provide you and your team with training.  If additional training is needed, we have a great support section on our website at  Here you will find instructional videos and transcription for your operators on how to accomplish tasks like assigning, merging or splitting reason codes.  You will also find information on navigating your dashboard and back office. 

Is a Tbox required for each machine, or is only one Tbox needed?

Our engineering team will hold a brief hardware assessment call with your team to determine hardware needs.  During this call we will determine how many PLC’s and Tboxes you will require.

Are any of your customers using software on machines other than a production line? 

Yes, we can monitor individual machines such as a CNC or a full production line.

Does Thrive have a 24 hour support line that the operators can call?

Very rarely do issues arise, but when and if they do we ask that you email with your issue.  This will automatically create a ticket at our support desk and inquiries are typically answered within 12 hours. 

Do you recommend that a company goes completely wireless, or should they have a hard wired connection?

We always recommend a hard wired connection to avoid any interference and maintain a constant level of stability. Many of our clients do chose to connect to the Tbox wirelessly, however, and need to set up additional details like network SSID and password to properly set up the Tbox prior to shipment.

    "A few months after installing the Thrive Downtime Tracking System"

    we identified several key issues with our manufacturing line. Once corrected, our efficiency sky rocketed from 39% to 75%.

    - Pat Kinnee, Splenda Continuous Improvement Engineer

    "We're currently running 8% better than our budgeted throughput standards, "

    so I consider it a win. Now we’re in a position where our other plants are interested in implementing the software.

    - Pete Szelwach, Plant Manager at Lassonde Pappas and Company, Inc.

    "We've been using Thrive for about a year with impressive results. "

    Changeovers that used to take 33 minutes now only take 23. With around two each day, that time really adds up. Before using the software, we were 20 minutes into our morning shift before lines started running, and we’ve cut it down to just 8 minutes. Overall efficiency has spiked from around 45% to an average of 60%. Seeing the data has really helped us create a culture of ownership and accountability. Everyone watches the measurements and does their best to make sure things are running efficiently, because they can see the impact. With the help of Thrive, we’ve had zero overtime during our busy season. That’s a company first! Now that we’re meeting production goals, we can be proactive and schedule time to take lines down for preventative maintenance.

    - Rollie Everson, Maintenance Supervisor, Amsoil

    "We were ready to pay $250,000 for a downtime system when by accident we stumbled across Thrive MES on the internet"

    “Not only did it offer everything the more expensive system did but it is a fraction of the price. We were even able to customize to our facility far within our budget.”

    ”After 2 years I was still able to teach them a few big things about the software that they didn’t know about. A recent major success they had was they were able to reduce their downtime by 17 whole shifts per year by making a small tweak in a process. Instead of stopping a machine to make a fabric slice for 1 minute, they slowed the machine down to make the slice while the machine was moving. They also noticed how much downtime changeovers caused so their scheduled department reduced their changesovers from 6 to 1 per week.”

    - Steve Kaiser, Operations Manager, Sage Products

    "Within 2 weeks their automated machines saw an increased efficiency by 20%"

    by giving the operator real-time visibility, they took more ownership and responsibility for the machine’s output. As a result, it made the operator think twice about shutting down the line. ‘Can I correct this issue without shutting the machine down?

    - John Batten, President, NHI Pullies Inc

    "We've been able to cut our overtime by 60%"

    as we identified that our change overs were the main source of downtime. Using this data to determine and implement solutions we were able to move from 12 hours shifts to 8 hour shifts. It also helped us reduce our quality issues by identifying sources of inefficiency.

    - Mark Hennigan, Director of Operations, CHG

    "We are really happy with it and love the planned downtime function."

    The planned downtime function immediately identified excessive breaks and created accountability for the line running. Management now has real-time data.

    - Keith Frazier, Maintenance Supervisor, Skyline Steel

    "The real-time data"

    in our break rooms and on our supervisor’s computers have created a real sense of urgency and ownership to improve our plant’s performance. You can’t argue with a 50 inch TV in the break room that updates every second.

    - Jerry McConnell, Lineage Logistics

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