Downtime Tracking Just Got Easier

Continuous improvement–it’s an integral part of lean manufacturing and so is Thrive’s Downtime Tracking System. Immediately begin tracking machine downtime and define a reason from nearly any device on the shop floor with our cloud-based, automated downtime tracking and analysis software.

  • Easy to Install

    Thrive is plug and play. There’s no server or PLC required and no software to install.

  • Easy to Use

    Within seconds of activation, you can access the dashboard on any device with an Internet connection.

  • Budget Friendly

    For a low monthly cost, Thrive provides the real-time data you need to reduce equipment downtime.

  • high-caliber-data

    Advanced Data

    Use Thrive’s built-in reports, export your data, or connect our API directly to your ERP.

Let us crunch the numbers.

If you’re tracking downtime manually, let Thrive do the work for you. If you aren’t tracking downtime, what are you waiting for? Thrive’s Downtime Tracking System provides real-time data and reporting that can help your company reduce downtime, increase efficiency and meet production goals.

  • Automated Downtime Tracking

    Know whether your lines are running, how efficiently and exactly how to reduce production downtime.

  • reporting-anywhere

    Reporting From Anywhere

    Get real-time production monitoring from any device with an Internet connection through a secure, password-protected dashboard.

  • Real-Time Data

    Track your production line efficiency in real-time and analyze trends according to shift, line or even SKU.

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