Change the Way Your Employees Think Rather Than Work

Reduce your changeover time by changing the way your employees think rather than the way they work, says Ron Heiskell, president of ReducedEffort.

Reducing changeover downtime can be a daunting task for both workers and managers. Many don’t even know where to begin. Ron Heiskell, president of ReducedEffort, suggests starting with changing the way people think about changeovers instead of focusing on how people work. He calls it a “pit stop mentality.”

NASCAR pit crews have reduced the amount of time a car sits idle during a pit stop by 99 percent. Pit crews still jack the car up, replace the lug nuts and change four tires, but have reduced pit stop times—NASCAR’s version of changeover downtime—from four minutes down to 13 seconds.

Just as a race car loses position when it makes a pit stop, your company is losing profits when your machines aren’t running. By changing the way people think of downtime instead of how they work, you too can achieve a reduction in changeover downtime.