Why You Should Implement OEE Across Your Entire Production Line   

In the simplest terms possible, overall equipment effectiveness (or OEE for short) is maybe the most important key performance indicator there is. In the manufacturing industry in particular, it’s used to determine the efficiency of a plant and its operations. If you want to make sure not only that you’re producing the highest quality parts as effectively as you can with as few potential downsides as possible, tracking OEE is how you do it – all while making sure that you’re taking advantage of the full capacity of your manufacturing equipment at the exact same time. 

But still, far too many business leaders make the mistake of assuming that OEE is only relevant to individual machines on the shop floor. They have a list of their most critical assets and they’re very interested in reading those stats, but a lot of other machines tend to fall by the wayside. Not only is this a mistake, but you should absolutely take things as far as they will go by implementing OEE across your entire production line. 

OEE: Global Data, Global Visibility 

Remember that one of the core benefits of OEE is that allows you to both measure and visualize your plant’s operational effectiveness at a moment’s notice. Once you know exactly what you’re dealing with and what problems you are faced with, you’re in an excellent position to create actionable steps to not only improve quality and production but also save time and eliminate waste as well. 

Why would you NOT want to be able to do that within the context of your entire production line? 

With a solution like Thrive by your side, you’ll always know the efficiency of your entire production line so long as you actually choose to implement it that way. You’re talking about an automated downtime tracking solution that effectively measures production output and compares it against your line’s maximum potential. Plus, with production run records, you can easily track shift efficiency or even analyze trends line by line. 

All of this means that when you choose to implement OEE across the entirety of your enterprise, you can easily see how efficiently your line produces each product. You can take a deep dive into potential machine output based on SKU. But more than that, you can sit back and let the software do all of this automatically – all so that you can spend less time collecting those insights and more time putting them to good use. 

This simply isn’t something you’ll be able to achieve if you only care about OEE within the context of a few machines or specific assets. If you truly want global visibility over your production lines (and you should), this is absolutely a step worth taking and we’re proud to stand by your side while you do it. 

If you’d like to find out even more about why you should absolutely implement OEE across your entire production line, or if you’d just like to discuss other important topics with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay - reach out to your friends at Thrive today.