Why Accurate Downtime Tracking Matters: Find Out What You Data is REALLY Trying to Tell You  

Obviously, downtime is a major concern for nearly all manufacturers out there because lost capacity is exactly that – lost forever. Regardless of how hard you try to make up for those losses tomorrow, you can’t fight the fact that they existed today – and you can’t hide the amount of money you left on the table because of them.

In an effort to try to mitigate risk from this as much as possible, many manufacturers turn to downtime tracking – albeit in the wrong way. Far too often, people are still recording machine downtime the old-fashioned way: via pen and paper or, at best, an Excel spreadsheet. The issue is that while this may record downtime “data” in a literal sense, it does little to help you uncover the true story hidden INSIDE that data.

Therefore, if you really want to find out what your data is trying to tell you, you need an innovative, accurate downtime tracking solution and you need one sooner rather than later.

Dive Right to the Heart of the Matter With Downtime Tracking Software

One of the most important reasons why accurate downtime tracking matters so much is because it does a whole lot more than just tell you WHEN a critical asset went offline. Not only will the right solution automatically capture start and stop events, but it will also provide you with downtime reason codes thanks to a direct connection with the machine itself.

What this means is that you’ll have the critical context of WHY something went down, all so that you can see if it was a one-off issue or a symptom of something larger than needs to be addressed as quickly as you can.

But more than that, if you can increase the visibility of your stops, you also put yourself in a position to react faster to them than ever before – thus creating meaningful improvements to your shop floor based not on “instinct” or “intuition,” but on an accurate analysis of both your equipment downtime AND the losses that you accrued because of them.

When you have the right solution at the heart of your downtime tracking efforts like Thrive, you’ll also have access to the insight from literally any computer or device on Earth with an active Internet connection. What you’re left with is a perfect storm in the best possible way – an opportunity to dive deep into what is really going on with your shop floor regardless of where you’re located, and a chance to drive positive, forward progress across your enterprise on a daily basis. In a world where continuous improvement is one of the cornerstones of lean manufacturing, this is clearly a powerful weapon to have on your side.

If you’re interested in learning more about why ACCURATE downtime tracking matters most of all, or if you’re just eager to get a closer look at what our innovative solution can do for your organization, please don’t delay – contact Thrive today.