Why a Cloud-Based Downtime Tracking Solution Matters So Much in the Modern Era   

Although cloud-based computing has become enormously popular in our personal lives over the last decade, there are still some businesses who are slow to adopt these advancements in the context of their professional lives. “I already have a solution that tells me what I need to know,” they say to themselves. “It’s right there on the computer in my office. Why do I need to take that into the cloud?” 

Well, for a lot of reasons, actually. 

In no uncertain terms – a cloud-based downtime tracking solution isn’t just important for a business like yours in the modern era. 

It’s absolutely crucial for a number of distinct reasons, all of which are more than worth exploring. 

The Impact of the Cloud on the Modern Business: Breaking Things Down 

By far, the most important advantage that a cloud-based downtime tracking solution like Thrive brings to the table has to do with how easy it is to access the important information you need to work smarter, not harder on a daily basis. 

Think about it like this: Thrive’s innovative dashboards are already designed to empower the way you like to work, regardless of what shape that happens to take. If you’re too busy to log into a terminal for detailed reporting because you want to get out on the shop floor as fast as you can, don’t worry – the daily downtime digest is built to summarize all activity you need to know in a way that is automatically put front and center. 

So not only is the dashboard itself inherently powerful in that it gives you easy access to the type of trends and patterns that would have otherwise gone undiscovered… but thanks to the fact that it’s all cloud-based, you can get that information from literally anywhere. 

Are you on the other side of your facility, far away from the desktop computer in your office? Don’t worry – you can pull up the exact same information on your tablet. Are you taking half a day off at work but still want to check in to make sure that things are going smoothly from home? You can have all the same information in a matter of seconds, right from your smartphone. 

Because Thrive is based on the cloud, you can get detailed insights from literally any device on Earth with an active Internet connection – including from any location, too. At any given moment, you’re never more than a few seconds away from all the detailed, real-time reporting on overall equipment effectiveness that you need, and that is just something you’re not going to be able to achieve if everything is still hosted on-premise like the “old school” way of doing things. 

If you’d like to find out more information about why cloud-based downtime tracking solutions matter so much in the modern era, or if you’d just like to discuss the specifics of your own business with someone in more detail, please feel free to contact us at Thrive today.