Tips On How To Make Your Team Work Better

“Collaboration” has become abuzzword in the modern business world. To make collaboration technologies work for your business, you first need to show your team how to work well together. Thrive believes these six suggestionswillhelp encourage an open, cooperative workplace:

Make Your Team Work Better with collaboration

  • Set team goals. Use timelines, plans and structured content that clearly define current and future goals for the team. This way, all team members can share a distinct point of view.
  • Foster a creative environment. Allow team members to brainstorm in an open, non-judgmental framework that embraces the team’s diversity.
  • Build cohesion. Create a means of communicating that allows for easy workflow, establishes a distinct set of priorities and makes all colleagues feel included. Keeping everyone on the same playbook enables team members to focus and flourish.
  • Visualize ideas. Provide team members the opportunity to use visuals to clarify and share their ideas at the simplest level. You can do this with anything from rough sketches to full-scale presentations.
  • Break down barriers. Using multiple channels of communication such as email, phone and text messaging can ultimately create barriers to successful collaboration. Agree upon and enlist just one channel that allows the team to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Execute. With all of the focus on idea creation, don’t forget the most important step: acting on the good ones. Nothing will diminish employees’ desire to create new ideas faster than failure to implement existing proposals.