The Thrive Approach: How We Differ From Every Other Downtime Tracking Solutions Provider Out There   

There are a lot of downtime tracking solutions providers out there and, to be totally fair, a lot of us are all operating with the same basic goals in mind. Like many other of our esteemed colleagues, we at Thrive want to help you realize your peak efficiency as a manufacturer and we want to use data to help do it. We want to allow you to begin tracking machine downtime and define a reason from nearly any device on the shop floor. We want to use our cloud-based, automated downtime tracking and analysis software to allow you and your people to work smarter, not harder – probably for the first time. There are a lot of other companies in this industry working towards these same goals, and honestly, we say “the more the merrier.”
Having said that, there IS something that separates Thrive from literally every downtime tracking solutions provider out there. A factor that we consider to be so important that we believe it’s been a major contributing factor to the level of success we’ve enjoyed up to this point.

It all comes down to our point of view on not just what we offer, but where this industry is going at the same time.

A Matter of Perspective, or: The Thrive Approach 

In our opinion, so many other downtime tracking solution providers are in a race to be seen as the “biggest and most advanced” piece of technology to come down the pike. They’re falling all over themselves to “out innovate” or “out advance” one another that they’re sort of missing the forest for the trees, so to speak.

If you add a feature to your software that looks great on paper that none of your customers are actually going to use, at a certain point you stop being valuable. You’re no longer a solution and instead you’re a “solution in search of a problem,” which isn’t really how you help people.

At Thrive, this is how we do things differently and it’s something we’re incredibly proud of. We only build things because our customers ask for it, not because we think the market needs it.

Period, end of story.

Everyone in the industry is going in the same direction these days – more features, more functionality, more automation. We’ve made a conscious decision to go in the totally opposite direction. This is because we understand that our software will never replace your human workforce – nor do we actually want it to.

You’re always going to need humans, because you are and will remain a team. Rather than replace your team, we want our software to help you build a better one – and we can’t do that unless we stop telling you what we think you want and start listening to what you actually need.

If you’d like to find out about what makes Thrive different from every other downtime tracking solutions provider out there, or if you’d just like to see our solution up close and personal to really get a feel for what it might be able to do for your organization, please don’t delay – contact us today.