The Dramatic Impact That OEE Can Have Across Your Entire Production Line

If you had to make a list of all the key metrics that your business should be concerning itself with on a daily basis, OEE would be right at the top.

Short for Overall Equipment Effectiveness, you’re talking about the single biggest opportunity you have to not only identify losses, but to do so in a way that also helps you intelligently benchmark progress, holistically improve the productivity of your manufacturing equipment and eliminate as much waste as possible, essentially all at the same time.

Make absolutely no mistake about it: OEE is more than just another best practice. It’s not a trend or a passing fad. It’s a chance to inject a shot of adrenalin across your entire production line in a way that is far too important for you to ignore.

Breaking Down the Incredible Impact of OEE

Part of the reason why OEE matters so much is because even something as simple as downtime tracking can mean so many different things depending on the situation.

Yes, you know that your lines aren’t running as effectively as they should be. You may even know which piece of equipment was offline and when. But do you know WHY? Do you know what events led to that moment of downtime? But more than that, are you able to interpret the data you’ve already created in a way that doesn’t take an advanced computer science degree to understand?

Probably not – which is why OEE is invaluable. It lets you dive deep into important factors like:

  • Availability. This part of OEE takes into careful consideration things like both unplanned and planned stops, giving you a critical level of context where one never existed in the past.
  • Performance. This allows you to carefully examine things like slow cycles and small stops.
  • Quality. This gives you additional insight into concepts like defects, which absolutely includes parts that eventually needed to be reworked.

The closer each of these scores is to 100%, the more effective your operations are running. So you don’t just know WHY you aren’t operating how you should be. You also know which of these areas you need to pay more attention to, and which are essentially taken care of.

What you’re left with is ultimately a much more vivid picture about what is REALLY going on across your production line than ever before. One that allows you to dive beneath all that data your business is creating to uncover the true story hidden underneath. And with a tool like Thrive, you can do so in a way that literally anyone in your business can use and capitalize on.

Truly, what could be more important than that?

If you’d like to discover even more ways in which OEE can have a dramatic impact across your entire production line, or if you’d just like to discuss your own downtime tracking needs with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Thrive today.