Technology Trends within the Manufacturing Industry

2019 has proved that the manufacturing industry is continuing to grow and evolve at an explosive rate. As a result of improving technologies, operations are operating more efficiently to save money and boost production. The top 4 manufacturing trends in 2019 are:

1) Industrial Internet of Things

The industrial internet of things, IIoT, is one of the top manufacturing trends in 2019. IIoT is comprised of “smart” sensors that are used to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes and equipment. Industrial IoT allows machines to produce real-time analytics and data to help improve communication and efficiency within your operation.

In its simplest form, industrial IoT is made up of two main components: smart sensors and cloud (wireless) computing.

Many manufacturers believe that IIoT technology will drastically increase profits for manufacturers within the coming years. Industrial IoT technology continues to be fleshed out, but the future is certainly very bright.

2) 3D Printing

While 3D printing is not entirely new technology, it has continued to develop since its creation. 3D printing allows for faster and less expensive production which can save companies time and money. Sounds pretty good, right?

3D printing also allows companies to produce certain items on demand and in-house- no need to bother storage. This technology makes cost-effective, on-site and in-house production possible!

3) Collaborative Robots

Also known as cobots, collaborative robots are made to work side by side with their human counterparts. These incredible pieces of technology continue to aid in production speed, enhance accuracy, and replace unnecessary human labor. Cobots will not completely replace human labor but enhance it. These robots simply work alongside employees to boost production and internal efficiency.

4) Cyber Security

As the industry continues to solidify itself into the digital era, the need for a tight cyber security plan is at an all time high. A cyber security system can help protect your overall operation, the employees within your operation, and confidential customer information. Cyber security breaches can happen to any company, large or small. The most common cyber security breach is hacking, which can not only halt production, but completely shut down a company.

Efficiency realized with Thrive

2019 has been an integral year for technology advances within the manufacturing industry. Success aligns with the four trends that will continue remain prevalent being industrial IoT, 3D printing, cobots, and increased cyber security.

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