Newest Features

Continuous improvement is more than a buzzword. It’s how you operate, and it’s how we operate too. But shiny and new doesn’t mean much if you can’t actually use it, which is why we focus on adding features that hit home.

Here’s a list of our latest and greatest improvements, fresh from our brains to your dashboard.

June, 2018
VP Dashboard:
This is a graph that can take you places. See every location’s performance in a single report, so you can compare the plant as a whole and compare individual lines that produce the same product.

April, 2018
SKU Performance: 
Find out which products or SKUs are troublemakers and which are rock stars. This new report provides details on downtime minutes, occurrences and finished goods.

March, 2018
Updated Launchpad:
Your launchpad now has the skinny on SKU, finished goods and efficiency. Take things to the next level by prominently displaying this page in the plant for an effective at-a-glance performance report.

January, 2018
Automated Reason Code Assignment: 
We’ve got your back. “No Reason Entered” will automatically be assigned after a set threshold, allowing for a more accurate total downtime calculation. Have a longer planned downtime between shifts? “Not Scheduled to Run” will automatically be assigned after a set threshold, saving your operators time and hassle.

November, 2017
Daily Digest Emails by Shift: Get the news when you need it instead of waiting for daily reports. Set up your daily digest emails by shift.

September, 2017
Text & Email Alerts by Shift:
Everyone needs a break now and then. When you’re off the clock, your alerts can be too.

August, 2017
Require Comment from Operators:
Need more details? You can now require an operator comment for specific reason codes. Simply set up your preference in the Reason Code Manager tab.

June, 2017
Additional Reporting on Historical Details Page:
Drill down to the heart of the matter. Select any reason code at any level and run reports to compare.

April, 2017
Immediate Downtime:
The operator interface now shows immediate downtime and line status, because you need to know now, not after the fact.