New Year, New Business Resolutions

2018 is here and now is the time to get your plans and ideas in place for how you’ll make the new year a successful one for your business. Here are four ideas from Thrive to get you thinking about your company’s future:

  1. Study Leadership

Leadership is an ongoing learning process. With so many different ways to lead, varied personalities entering the workforce, and evolving work habits, the way leaders effectively bring their organization forward changes constantly. In 2018, more millennials will submit applications for jobs and stake their place in the workplace. This will force leaders to continue to adapt their styles to meet the new demands, expectations, and communication styles of this emerging workforce.If you’re a leader, this is your year to shake things up, get a little uncomfortable, and learn fresh new ways to bring your organization forward.

  1. Practice Delegation

It’s the standard battle cry of management: delegate, delegate, delegate!It’s normal to want to ensure your work gets done on time and correctly; handing off responsibility to someone else makes that difficult. What if they drop the ball? What if the quality isn’t up to par? What if something goes wrong?

Delegation isn’t a choice—it’s mandatory these days. With work piling up on your desk and new projects on the horizon, it’s critical that you step into the new year with a new mindset about asking for help. Talk to your team about your expectations so you can delegate more and in turn produce more this year.

  1. Make Faster Decisions

What decisions have you been sitting on this year? What have you put off doing or deciding on because you’re just not sure of the right approach?Making decisions is hard work. It requires you to choose a path and forge full steam ahead. Resolve to make faster and better decisions in 2018 by giving yourself a deadline and sticking to it. Promise yourself that whatever you decide on by the due date will be the path you take.

  1. Harness Your Resources

Technology today has given us the gift of having resources for just about everything. Have you put these apps and programs to full use yet? Harness your resources by using programs available to you. For example, work faster on payroll by finally investing in more efficient payroll software. Or, spend less time on scheduling by finally implementing a new online scheduling app. The technology is there to make your life easier and Thrive can help implement!