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Because you can’t have continuous success without continuous improvement

Continuous improvement has always been an integral part of the lean manufacturing process, but it’s especially important in a space that is as competitive as the food and beverage industry.

Not only do you have to worry about more and more competitors cropping up on a daily basis, but you also have ever-changing rules and regulations at the state and federal level to concern yourself with. Every day, the tightrope that you’re being asked to walk seems to get thinner and thinner – you’re supposed to focus on all of these things, all while still maintaining peak efficiency and quality across your lines at the same time.

Equally complicating things is the fact that in the food and beverage industry in particular, you have to constantly worry about the “public health and safety” aspect of it all. In another industry if your widget isn’t up to quality, a product doesn’t work quite right, and a customer is upset. In food and beverage if that quality level isn’t there, you can literally make someone sick.

This is all a big part of the reason why, at Thrive, we’ve worked hard to develop a solution that brings you the real-time data and reporting insight you need when you need it the most. Our solution isn’t just a great way to help your company reduce downtime and increase efficiency – it’s built to help you meet (or exceed) production goals all while meeting your rigid quality requirements as well.


Again, downtime tracking for your business is about more than just figuring out why and when a machine isn’t running because of something that wasn’t planned – although make no mistake, that is a big (and important) part of it.

If you can track downtime, you have everything you need to start tracking performance. Once you have total visibility into your performance, you have complete control over the quality of your output. Some people call the answer to the equation “Downtime + Performance + Quality” OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Here, we have a different name for it:


Yes, achieving that perfect level of these three factors is very difficult because there are so many moving parts. But at the same time, the stakes in your business are incredibly high. According to the World Health Organization, almost one in 10 people fall ill after eating contaminated food every year. 420,000 of them die. $110 billion is lost every year in productivity and medical expenses resulting from unsafe food alone – and that is not a situation you want to find yourself on the wrong end of.

But luckily, we find that the top 20% of downtime-related issues are approximately 80% of the problem for a business like yours. And at Thrive, we’ve designed our solution to help tackle every single one of them.

The Thrive Approach

At Thrive, we’ve always been of the opinion that downtime and quality tracking is only as difficult as people make it – and we’ve built an entire solution as a way of proving it.

Case in point: we’ve designed our machine downtime tracking and OEE management software to be so easy that literally anyone in your business could use it. Whether you’re talking about someone who has been with you since the beginning or who just walked onto the factory floor for the first time last week, it doesn’t matter – you don’t need an engineering or computer science degree to leverage what we’ve built for your business.

In fact, we don’t actually offer training of any kind. It’s our opinion that if we have to actually train you on how to use our software, we didn’t build it right in the first place.

What you’re left with is an incredibly intuitive, exceptionally easy way to track downtime, performance and quality that is known as being the most straightforward solution in the industry, hands down. This of course gives way to the most important benefit of all: an opportunity to put technology to work for your business in a way that lets you worry less on factors like potential quality issues and micro starts and stops, all so that you can focus on those matters that actually need your undivided attention.

So if you’d like to find out more information about how Thrive’s innovative machine downtime tracking and OEE management software was built with the specific needs of the food and beverage industry in mind, or if you’d just like to speak to someone about your own needs so that you can get this journey started right away, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact your friends at Thrive today.

"A few months after installing the Thrive Downtime Tracking System"

we identified several key issues with our manufacturing line. Once corrected, our efficiency sky rocketed from 39% to 75%.

- Pat Kinnee, Splenda Continuous Improvement Engineer

"We're currently running 8% better than our budgeted throughput standards, "

so I consider it a win. Now we’re in a position where our other plants are interested in implementing the software.

- Pete Szelwach, Plant Manager at Lassonde Pappas and Company, Inc.

"We've been using Thrive for about a year with impressive results. "

Changeovers that used to take 33 minutes now only take 23. With around two each day, that time really adds up. Before using the software, we were 20 minutes into our morning shift before lines started running, and we’ve cut it down to just 8 minutes. Overall efficiency has spiked from around 45% to an average of 60%. Seeing the data has really helped us create a culture of ownership and accountability. Everyone watches the measurements and does their best to make sure things are running efficiently, because they can see the impact. With the help of Thrive, we’ve had zero overtime during our busy season. That’s a company first! Now that we’re meeting production goals, we can be proactive and schedule time to take lines down for preventative maintenance.

- Rollie Everson, Maintenance Supervisor, Amsoil

"We were ready to pay $250,000 for a downtime system when by accident we stumbled across Thrive MES on the internet"

“Not only did it offer everything the more expensive system did but it is a fraction of the price. We were even able to customize to our facility far within our budget.”

”After 2 years I was still able to teach them a few big things about the software that they didn’t know about. A recent major success they had was they were able to reduce their downtime by 17 whole shifts per year by making a small tweak in a process. Instead of stopping a machine to make a fabric slice for 1 minute, they slowed the machine down to make the slice while the machine was moving. They also noticed how much downtime changeovers caused so their scheduled department reduced their changesovers from 6 to 1 per week.”

- Steve Kaiser, Operations Manager, Sage Products

"Within 2 weeks their automated machines saw an increased efficiency by 20%"

by giving the operator real-time visibility, they took more ownership and responsibility for the machine’s output. As a result, it made the operator think twice about shutting down the line. ‘Can I correct this issue without shutting the machine down?

- John Batten, President, NHI Pullies Inc

"We've been able to cut our overtime by 60%"

as we identified that our change overs were the main source of downtime. Using this data to determine and implement solutions we were able to move from 12 hours shifts to 8 hour shifts. It also helped us reduce our quality issues by identifying sources of inefficiency.

- Mark Hennigan, Director of Operations, CHG

"We are really happy with it and love the planned downtime function."

The planned downtime function immediately identified excessive breaks and created accountability for the line running. Management now has real-time data.

- Keith Frazier, Maintenance Supervisor, Skyline Steel

"The real-time data"

in our break rooms and on our supervisor’s computers have created a real sense of urgency and ownership to improve our plant’s performance. You can’t argue with a 50 inch TV in the break room that updates every second.

- Jerry McConnell, Lineage Logistics

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