Industrial Internet of Things- Challenges in Manufacturing

The industrial internet of things, IIoT, is when “smart” sensors are used to boost and upgrade manufacturing and industrial processes. IIoT allows machines to produce real-time analytics and data to help improve communication within your operation. While there are many benefits of IIOT, there are also some challenges within the manufacturing industry.

Integration and Implementation

Integrating information technology and operational technology within IIT is a complicated challenge. Implementing this technology can be even more difficult when all existing machines within an operation are working perfectly fine. When a machine is working, it can be hard to justify a massive expense. You cannot simple pick and choose what IIoT technology you’d like to integrate- it’s essentially all or nothing. This technology would have to complete replace current existing equipment.


As we briefly stated about, finances are a major challenge with IIoT technology. It’s a massive expense that is simply not practical or possible for many small businesses. IIoT is still considered new technology and the data to back it up can be hard to find. Without seeing the number of operations industrial IoT technology has helped, it can be hard to shell out the cash.


Security is perhaps the biggest concern with IIoT technologies. Security breaches affect not only the operation itself, but the employees within the operation as well. As with any system that stores and analyzes data, IIoT technology is very vulnerable to hacking, along with other security concerns. If, for example, the system or machines are hacked, production could be delayed or halted entirely. Cyber security is also very limited with IIoT which is another main reason that companies are so hesitant to implement it.


Connectivity, or lack thereof, is a challenge that IIoT technology has to overcome. When any system becomes wireless, a myriad of issues follows closely behind. Wireless connection also leaves more room for security issues when not integrated and monitored properly.

Come and Thrive

Is it possible to overcome the challenges that the industrial internet of things technology presents? With the right team and operation, yes.

While industrial IoT brings on many challenges, it has several benefits as well. Real-time analytics and data make IIoT highly effective and efficient within day to day operations. Operators will be able to manage the facility more effectively by keeping machines operating to increase production. Real-time information is also extremely beneficial within logistics and supply chain management. Data can be collected more quickly and predict any issues that could affect inventory.

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