How to Help Your Millennial Employees Flourish and Succeed

Many assumptions have been made about millennials in the workplace however, Thrive believes with small tweaks to your approach in leadership, you can help millennials flourish in your business. Follow these suggestions and watch your younger team members come to life in the workplace:

  • Listen to their ideas

Millennials often feel like their ideas aren’t taken seriously simply because of their age—and in many cases, they’re right. The age bias is a real concern when there are various generations working together on one team.This generation is well-versed in modern technology and is known for being creative with their approach to challenges. If you encourage them to speak up and show that you value their opinions, you’re more likely to harness their unique skill set. Keep an open mind when you have conversations with your millennial employees. You never know when you may learn about a new piece of technology that could make doing your job a little easier or an out-of-the-box solution that might boost your revenues.

  • Set up lunch dates

Sometimes the reason why older and younger people struggle to connect is because they haven’t found common ground. Encourage millennials and other workers to get to know each other by creating a program that pairs younger/older team members and have them go to lunch together. For example, two people may both love golf. Once they get to talking about their strokes and favorite courses to play, they’ll have an easier time talking about work-related matters

  • Let the slang slide

Sometimes, what feels like a slang word to you may actually be an emerging linguistic trend. Instead of dismissing the way millennial employees may speak, try seeing it from a different perspective. The best way to learn how to communicate with your fellow team members is to engage with them on a daily basis. If there’s a term you don’t understand, don’t feel ashamed to ask for clarification. Who knows, you might actually like it and come to use it yourself! Or, if you serve millennials, you can use this new lingo to improve your customer relations.

  • Give them work that matters

Perhaps even more so than other generations, millennials like to feel that the work they’re doing is making a difference. This can be a difference in your business reaching its goals or a difference in your customers’ lives. No matter what, millennials want and need to feel like a valued part of your team.