How to Get More Out of Meetings and Huddle Boards


Daily meetings and huddle boards are popular continuous improvement techniques. The purpose of the huddle board is to provide a method of visual management and involve all employees in the effort to create positive change.Here are the top three tips for successful huddle boards and meetings:

Don’t Jump at Solutions

Daily huddles are great for checking in on improvement work, but one mistake is that teams assume that decisions on how to address opportunities for improvement should be made during the huddle. This can result in prescribing solutions to problems without the proper due diligence needed to understand the root cause. Instead, the huddle meeting should be used to assign ownership and report progress.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Business’ True North

Huddle boards and meetings are where the rubber meets the road in terms of continuous improvement. Employees can get the opportunity to discuss the challenges of the day, which is critical for improvement culture. However, it is very easy for staff to focus on issues that are problematic for them at the moment, but not necessarily aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization. When resources and time are limited and priorities must be established, it is important to align them with the organization’s goals.

Make Your Huddle Boards Digital  

Physical huddle boards have some limitations. They make it difficult for remote or traveling team members to participate in huddle meetings and improvement work. There is no way to roll them up in a way that makes it easy for executive leadership to track the health of improvement throughout the organization. In addition, due to space limits, once an improvement is complete, it must be removed from the board, making it difficult to learn from past work. Making the meetings or huddle boards digital will enable the company to have participation across the board and make progress easier to track.

Any attempt at continuous improvement is to be applauded and Thrive can help your company improve development!