How Downtime Tracking Can Help Meet Key Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry  

A lot of people out there just don’t realize how heavily the pharmaceutical industry, in particular, depends upon factories and shop floors across the world to keep us all as healthy as possible. Vaccines (a topic that is particularly relevant given everything going on in the world right now), medical devices, drugs, you name it – all of it passes across an assembly line at some point in its lifecycle.

But at the same time, the pharmaceutical industry must face its own unique share of challenges – with safety being one of the most important of them all. When a product in another industry makes its way into the hands of a customer and it doesn’t perform in the way it was expected to, it could cause damage to your reputation. When that same issue happens with a pharmaceutical product, people could get sick… or worse.

So when the stakes are this high, obviously you need to capitalize on any opportunity you have to tackle these key challenges in the pharmaceutical industry – and more and more organizations are turning to downtime tracking to help accomplish precisely that.

Downtime Tracking and the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Overview

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a “recall” is officially defined as “an action executed by a manufacturer at any time to remove a defective or harmful drug product from the market.” This happens not only when the drug in question is found to potentially make people sick, but also when it is found to be in violation of laws and regulations administered directly from the FDA itself.

Why does this matter? Because the average recall tends to cost pharmaceutical companies approximately $10 million in direct costs – to say nothing of the irreparable damage you could be doing to your reputation that is difficult to put a price on.

So how does downtime tracking help meet this and other key challenges in the pharmaceutical industry? By allowing you more visibility into performance, downtime and – most critically – quality than ever before.

At a moment’s notice, you can visualize the entirety of your operations in a way that finally shows you just how effective (or not) you truly are. In addition to being able to instantly see what is working, you’ll be able to identify that which ISN’T performing the way it should or that could be negatively impacting quality – thus putting actionable steps in place to avoid these types of problems altogether.

But more than that, you’ll have everything you need to guarantee these types of high quality, predictable results every single time – making sure that recalls and other safety-related issues simply aren’t things you need to fear any longer.

If you’re interested in continuing this discussion about how downtime tracking can help meet some of the key challenges you’re facing on a regular basis in the pharmaceutical industry, or if you’d just like to learn more about what our innovative downtime tracking solution can do, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact Thrive today.