How Thrive Collects a Downtime Event

Thrive Downtime Collection software tracks the heartbeat of the line. When the line stops, we start a timer. When it starts running again, we stop the timer then deliver a downtime event to the operator to assign a reason code via any internet enabled device; tablet, desktop, etc. We also track the line’s production output by counting units, feet, pounds or the appropriate unit of measurement.

Thrive can connect with multiple machines. When the line’s heartbeat stops, we check all three machines to see which went down first, then we automatically assign the reason. We still encourage operators to provide detail for the reason by assigning a second or third level reason code with an optional comment.

Our software can also accept alarm codes from your PLCs via ModbusTCP or ethernet/IP. This allows your machine’s PLC to automatically assign a reason code based on the type of alarm triggered.